Diaspora Portal

I always admire new technology and any other alternative ideas which power solutions and success online without invading the Internet user’s privacy or those that will be against data protection bill.

A Diaspora Portal incentive launched recently by Kenya Government through ministry of foreign Affairs and international Trade has been received with mixed reaction within the Diaspora community around the world. As a first step in reaching out to well marginalise and ignored Diaspora block, Question are now been asked of the real intention of the program.

Security faults:

The ministry know very well that they are not the one hosting data collected through this program so they should only be asking not more than user name, password and emails.

http://diasporaportal.eurocom.co.ke is a ‘piggy back’ of eurocom.co.ke who have Sponsoring Registrar: Heartbit Computer Solutions Limited with parent host outside Kenya. So how secure is this data collected and who have access to it?